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Opportunities to Learn Creative Skills at Workshops

Artseeker is promoting creative tutors who teach classes, run workshops and provide individual tuition.

2016 Workshops

Workshops are being staged in the Spring of 2016. Send an email to get on the mailing list, so you can get alerts about future workshops and other activities.

Booking & Paying for Workshops

You can book and pay for workshops on-line using a card or a PayPal account (if you have one). We will email you an invoice to pay, when you request a firm booking.


Upwey Potter, Bill Crumbleholme runs introductory pottery workshops at weekends in the Upwey Village Hall, these feature a Raku firing and some throwing. Visit the Upwey Potters website for details.

Felt Making

Di Pattinson runs Felt making workshops at the Upwey Village Hall and at her own studio just down the road.  Contact Di by email for information.

Wood Carving

Mark Vyvyan-Penney is running wood carving workshops at the Dorchester Arts Centre and also in Sherborne  contact Mark by email for details.


Ongoing Activities

The Ancient Wessex Network runs a variety of workshops teaching ancient technologies, check out the website for information.

The Upwey Old School Village Hall hosts creative workshops and classes. Tutors also offer workshops at other locations such as their own studios.

Bill Crumbleholme, the potter, runs evening classes on Mondays and Tuesdays and an afternoon Tuesday class at the Upwey Hall, usually with a waiting list! Contact Bill for details - follow this link.

Di Pattinson, the felt-maker, offers enthusiasts the chance to learn from her at her own studio.  Follow this link for information about Di.

Mark Vyvyan-Penney, the wood sculptor, is active at the Upwey Hall. Contact Mark for information - follow this link.

01-01-2016: Bill Crumbleholme Pottery Workshops

Pottery Workshops Featuring Raku Firing & Throwing. Artseeker is promoting workshops in theSpring of 2016. The sessions will include a variety of pottery activities, including tuit... read more...

15-06-2014: Mark Vyvyan-Penney Wood Carving

Mark Vyvyan-Penney – Wood Carving Introduction Mark runs regular woodcarving classes and workshops. To see Mark’s work go to Other Artseek... read more...

22-11-2012: Susan R Hughes Drawing Workshops

Susan R Hughes runs drawing workshops in Weymouth. On 9th & 10th February 2013 she is running a weekend Charcoal Making & Drawing Workshop at the Upwey Old School Village Hall. ... read more...

03-11-2012: Di Pattinson - Felt Making

Di Pattinson is running a feltmaking workshop on 3rd & 4th November 2012. Please contact her direct by email to find out about this and book an place. (see below) Di Pattinso... read more...

16-09-2011: Annabel Wilson Textile Dyeing

Annabel Wilson – Textile dyeing More information can be found at this page Annabel is a painter turned textile artist see ... read more...

15-09-2011: Alex Evans & Zoe Cull - stone carving & letter-cutting

Stone Carving and Letter Cutting Workshops There are no stone carving workshops planned by Artseeker in the immediate future. Zoe and Alex run their own creative stonework business - Stone... read more...