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Artseeker - Bringing creative people together!

Artseeker Limited hosts and manages websites for creative people and organisations. Using simple but highly effective programming, provided and supported by Alacrify Ltd.

It provides promotional tools for the publication of information about the clients and their activities.

Currently one of the main tasks is working with Open Studio events featuring visual artists, such as Artwey CIC in Weymouth, on the south coast of Dorset, England.

Creative Workshops

Artseeker is helping to promote "Tutors", creative people who teach classes and workshops or provide individual coaching. This includes managing and promoting workshops. Workshop details can be found at this link.

Artseeker Expeditions 

Artseeker Ltd  piloted a project to promote voyages of discovery for people interested in visiting places and events. At this moment in time the project is on hold.
Follow this link for more details about Expeditions generally.

Could Have Fooled Me V

Artseeker "sponsors" the much loved and admired artistic event near 1st April every year. The date gives an indication of the spirit of the artwork on display.

The 2014 event took place over the Weekend of 5th & 6th April - celebrating the end of the year and beginning of a new year (The Tax Year that is!). A sub-title for the exhibition was "Fifty Shades of Brown" as an homage to colour blindness. Details for 2014 can be found at this link.

There was no event in 2013.
The 2012 exhibition was staged from 30th March to 1st April. Archived details can be found at this link.
Take a look at the 2011 event as promoted on this website at this link.

The Ancient Wessex Network CIC

The Ancient Wessex Network is administered by Bill Crumbleholme and a team of enthusiasts bringing together a group of people and organisations who work in the Heritage Industry. Follow the link on this page to see who they are and what they get up to.

Artseeker Ltd

ArtSeeker is a Limited Company, registered in England - number 6939615, managed by the Directors, Bill and Diane Crumbleholme. The registered office is at their headquarters - 40, Elwell Street, Upwey, Weymouth, Dorset DT3 5QF.

Bill is a potter, follow this link to visit his pages on this website.

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